“You sign, otherwise…”, Rohit Pawar’s serious allegations against Ajit Pawar’s group rohit pawar claim ajit pawar group blackmail mla and mp

Nationalist Congress President Sharad Pawar has sounded the trumpet against Ajit Pawar and his group for leaving the Mahavikas Aghadi and joining the BJP. Similarly, it is now being predicted that an MLA and MP from Sharad Pawar’s group will go with Ajit Pawar. On this, MLA Rohit Pawar has made serious allegations against Ajit Pawar’s group.

Whose nationalist? Both the groups have gone before the Election Commission. So, both the groups continue to issue disqualification notices to each other. In this, MLAs-specialists are clarifying their direction. Now Sharad Pawar An affidavit of support signed by an MLA and MP from the group, Ajit Pawar They are said to have been given.

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Talking to ‘ABP Maja’, Rohit Pawar said, “Have you really signed it? This has to be seen. You are being blackmailed in such a way that you will not do your work unless you sign.”

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“The legislators are making sincere efforts for the issues of farmers, laborers and youth. But, it is known that some leaders are saying that you should sign, otherwise the work will not be done. This way the number will appear in your favor. However, when the election comes, we will know how many people are really with them,” said Rohit Pawar.

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