‘You are indeed Lord Rama’, the actor is praised; Gurmeet Choudhary saves persons life gives cpr to him who were collapsed on the road fan praised him

Mumbai: A video of actor Gurmeet Chaudhary is currently going viral on social media and is being appreciated. What Gurmeet did to save a person who suddenly fell unconscious is being appreciated everywhere. A video has surfaced on social media, in which Gurmeet is seen giving CPR to a person who suddenly fell unconscious on the side of the road. A crowd gathered around him. These people were also seen helping the person.

After this video came out, Gurmeet is getting a lot of praise, despite being a celebrity, he understood the emergency and helped the person. Instead of waiting for an ambulance or a doctor, Gurmeet immediately started CPR on the man. This video will show how important it is to have knowledge of CPR and basic first aid in today’s world.

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In the viral video, the actor is seen telling the bystanders to rub the man’s feet. With the help of Gurmeet and other people, the man was cured and his life was saved. Seeing this work of Gurmeet, there has been rain of comments on social media as well. Fans are not tired of praising him. He is being praised with words like ‘Great Job’, ‘True Man, Respect’, ‘True Hero’.

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Some users call him ‘Lord Shri Ram’. One comment in this regard even says, ‘You are indeed Lord Shri Ram’ while another one wrote, ‘Swayam Shri Ram has come to save.’ The reason people call Gurmeet Prabhu Shriram is because he played the role of Shriram in the 2008 serial ‘Ramayana’ directed by Anand Sagar. Actress Debina Banerjee, who is now the actor’s wife, played the role of Mata Sita in this serial. Both got married after this series. The pair of Debina and Gurmeet is still the favorite pair of the audience.

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