Who will play the role of Sindhutai in the serial? Here is the answer to all your questions, just watch the promo – raja rani chi ga jodi fame actress shivani sonar to play main role in sindhutai majhi maai tv show

MUMBAI: ‘Ole original bhedi khadak anga, abhyasi sa sang karya siddhi..’ means Sindhutai Sapkal. As the young roots of a tree break hard rocks in search of water, so is the life of the Sindhutai. He achieved success by breaking the rocks of struggle in adverse conditions. He was born in the family of Abhiman Sathe in Pimpri Meghe village of Wardha district. Being an unwanted child, he was named Chindhi. They grew up in very harsh conditions. It would not be wrong to say that his arduous journey started from birth. After suffering, they grew half-full. Married at a young age, a life-threatening struggle of endless torments befell them. The audience saw this struggle in the cinema, but now it is coming to the audience on the small screen as well through the serial ‘Sindhutai Majhi Mai – Gosh Chindichi’. In the serial ‘Sindhutai Majhi Mai – Gosh Chindichi’, Sindhutai’s childhood was portrayed by child actor Ananya Tekwade. Now the series will take a leap and the journey from Chindi to Sindhutai will start now. Chindhi is going to grow up now, so everyone’s attention was drawn to who will be seen in the role of Sindhutai. Finally, the curtain has been lifted on this. Recently, a new promo of the series has been shared. Actress Shivani Sonar is seen in the role of Sindhutai.

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The names of many actresses were in discussion for this role. Finally this role has fallen to Shivani Sonar. Netizens have given positive reactions after watching the promo. Shivani has also been wished for this series.

Talking about Sindhutai’s work…
He established the Savitribai hostel in 1992 at Chikhaldara for the care of orphans. The journey that started there never stopped. His performance also made an impact at the international level. This journey sounds exciting to hear, but in real sense they were warriors..of orphans, of sorrows. Sindhutai became the mother of thousands of orphans by storing all the sorrows of the struggle she had to face due to the prevailing narrow social system, the love she did not get from her mother, her husband, in the bottom of her mind as a positive reaction.

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