Who is honored with the Mahapuja of Vithuraya on Kartiki Ekadashi? Fadnavis or Ajit Pawar? – Marathi News | Who will do Mahapooja of pandharpur vitthal on Kartiki Ekadashi maharashtra dcm Devendra Fadnavis or Ajit Pawar

VIDEO | As the state has two Deputy Chief Ministers, who will perform Mahapuja of Vitthuraya at Pandharpur on Kartiki Ekadashi? Such a question is currently under discussion. Not only this, this embarrassment has also arisen in front of the temple committee. So Fadnavis or Pawar will do Mahapuja? Everyone’s attention is on this

Mumbai, October 4, 2023 | Currently, there is a discussion about who will perform the Mahapuja of Kartiki Ekadashi in the Vitthal temple in Pandharpur. Every year this Mahapuja is performed by the Deputy Chief Minister of the state. But since the state has two deputy chief ministers this time, who will do this puja, Devendra Fadnavis or Ajit Pawar? The temple committee is also in such a dilemma. Sri Vitthal Rukmini Temples Committee meeting concluded at Pandharpur for planning the upcoming Kartiki Yatra. Kartiki Ekadashi falls on Thursday, November 23. On this day at 2:20 in the morning Saptnik Govt Maha Puja is performed by the Deputy Chief Minister, Mana Varkara. This Mahapuja is performed by the Deputy Chief Minister while the official Mahapuja of Ashadhi is performed by the Chief Minister. However, since the state has two Deputy Chief Ministers, it is not yet decided which Deputy Chief Minister will perform the puja. Gahininath Maharaj Ausekar, chairman of the temple committee, said that a decision will be taken in this regard in the next week after discussing with the law and justice department.

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