What do you think about the female character, criticism? Bhau Kadam clearly said that making the audience laugh… – bhau kadam interview actor talks about tv serial movie and natak

Programs like ‘Chala Hawa Yeu Dya’, ‘Foo Bai Foo’ created a fan base called Bhau Kadam. He also appeared in films like ‘Timepass’, ‘Half Ticket’, ‘Naseebwan’, ‘Cycle’, ‘Ghe Double’, ‘VIP Gadhav’, ‘Pandu’. Currently, his drama ‘Karoon Gelo Gaon’ is in discussion. Brothers are touring this play even during Ganeshotsav. Chat with them.Ganeshotsav and Konkani people have a special relationship. How about your Ganeshotsav memories…
– I am from Savdav in Sindhudurg district. However, Ganeshotsav used to be celebrated only in Mumbai. Since Wadala is here, the memories of Ganeshotsav in this city are special. Bringing Ganesha with playing and dancing, this tradition continues. This festival is full of happiness, contentment and positive energy. As we resolve in the new year; This festival gives a new beginning.

In Ganeshotsav, you experimented with the play ‘Karoon Gelo Gaon’…
– As this festival doubles the energy for work, I and Omkar Bhojane are experimenting with this play. Around 85 experiments have been conducted. Currently on Satara tour. The response of the audience makes it more fun to work.

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Your acting journey started through drama. Also dabbled in TV, big screen. What is your favorite medium?
– Drama is my favorite medium. This is because you perform in front of a live audience. The fun of acting easily and spontaneously without any retakes is different. As an actor, no matter how much work he has done in other mediums, drama feels closer.
Without naming Kiran Mana’s Vivek Agnihotri, he praised King Khan by sharing the video

What do you think about comedy, his performance, female characters, criticism and being labeled a ‘comedy actor’?
– Joking is not easy. It requires practice and spontaneity. It is more challenging to make an unfamiliar audience laugh. Along with the artist, the audience should also have a good sense of humor. It should not be ugly, attention should be paid to it. I like the comic actor stamp; Because he introduced me. From Dada Kondak to Ashok Saraf, Laxmikant Baird and all the co-stars, I love them because they work so hard to make the audience laugh.

It is known that you are also thinking of directing, first choice is cinema or drama?
– I will choose Drama. However, I would also like to direct the film. Not thinking about it right now. Having been working in theater since the nineties, I would really like to direct a play if a good story comes.

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