Weather News: Below Average Rainfall; Monsoon season ends; 94.4 percent rainfall recorded | Monsoon Meteorological department announced normal conditions across the country

Pune : The India Meteorological Department (IMD) announced on Saturday that the four-month monsoon season has come to an end, recording an overall general average. The Meteorological Department said that the average rainfall during the season has been 868.6 mm for a long time, but this year despite the influence of ‘El Nino’, the average rainfall has been 820 mm.

Despite the active El Nino in the Pacific Ocean, monsoon rains remained normal this year. 94.4 per cent of the average monsoon rainfall was observed across the country. The effect of ‘El Nino’ ​​is likely to continue till March 2024. However, the Indian Ocean Dipole will remain active till the end of December. It can have a good effect on the further rains in South India, said Mrityunjay Mohapatra, Director General of the Indian Meteorological Department.

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In an online press conference, Mohapatra said that June 1 to September 30 is the period of monsoon. This year, the rainfall in this period remained normal. During this period, the average rainfall in the country is 868.6 mm, this year it rained 820 mm. This rainfall is 94.4 percent of the average. Rainfall has decreased by 5.6 percent of the average. However, 94 to 106 percent of the average is considered ‘normal’. So this year, seasonal rainfall remained normal across the country.

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‘El Nino’ ​​was active in the Pacific Ocean. Therefore, less rainfall was predicted in the country this year. This year the rain became active late. Due to this, there was below average rainfall in June. July received above average rainfall. August saw below-average rainfall; There was a big blackout in most parts of the country. In September, the rain again made a strong appearance and filled the average. Considering the sub-divisions of the Meteorological Department, 73 per cent areas received normal rainfall. 18 percent areas received less rain. East and Northeast India received 18 percent below average rainfall. West and Central India received above average rainfall. South India has received 8 percent less rainfall than the average.

Forecast for October..

  • Normal rainfall even when ‘El-Nino’ ​​is active
  • Indian Ocean Bipolarity (IOD) has not much positive effect.
  • Good rainfall over central India, main impact area due to low pressure area over Bay of Bengal.
  • ‘IOD’ predicts good rains in South India during October-December.

Less seasonable.

The country receives an average of 334.13 mm of unseasonal rainfall between October and December. Good rains are expected this year in North Gujarat and Rajasthan, Punjab, Haryana and South India. However, with the exception of a few places in South Konkan, Madhya Maharashtra and Marathwada, the Meteorological Department predicted less than average rainfall in the state.

How much in which month?

month quantity

June 91%

July 113%

August 64%

September 113%

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