Weather Forecast good news heavy rain in these four districts for the next two days; Varunaraja’s grace on Marathwada; Heavy rain will rain in these four districts for the next two days

m. Ta. Representative, Chhatrapati Sambhajinagar : The city has received 41.3 mm of rain in the last 24 hours. Heavy rains have been lashing the city for two days. Average rainfall in Marathwada till September is 646 mm, so far 520 mm of rain has been received. Weather experts said that the return rains will make up for the rainfall deficit. There is a possibility that the water problem of some parts of the city will be solved due to the increase in water inflow in Harsul Lake. Moderate to heavy rainfall is expected in Marathwada for the next three days. According to the forecast of the Regional Meteorological Department, Chhatrapati Sambhajinagar, Jalna, Hingoli and Beed districts will experience heavy rain till September 26. Due to heavy rains for almost two and a half months, the problem of drinking water became serious. The effects of low rainfall were also seen in urban areas. Borewells and wells had dried up. Three days of heavy rain is expected to increase the water level. Return rains are expected to make up for the deficit in rainfall. Although the kharif crops have been lost, this rain will be useful for the rabi season. At present drinking water is being supplied by 88 tankers. Due to the increase in water level of medium and small projects, the severity of water scarcity will decrease. This rain has also benefited the late Kharif crops. Returning rains have been helpful for orchards and sugarcane crops. Due to this rain, the water level of Jayakwadi Dam has increased by four percent and currently the water storage is 36.35 percent, the benefit area development authority office has informed.

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Meanwhile, the division has received 25.6 mm of rain in the last 24 hours. Chhatrapati Sambhajinagar district has recorded 47.1 mm rainfall. District wise Jalna (36.7), Beed (30.3), Latur (9.3), Dharashiv (9.4), Nanded (16.6), Parbhani (26.7), Hingoli (19.1) It has rained. Chhatrapati Sambhajinagar district has received maximum rainfall. This year, rivers and streams have flooded for the first time during monsoon. As the water level of the riverside wells has increased, the water problem has been resolved for the next few days.

Heavy rains in twenty districts

Heavy rain has occurred in 50 revenue circles in last 24 hours in Marathwada. It includes 20 mandals in the district. Chittepimpalgaon mandal has received the highest rainfall of 151 mm. Bhavsingpura (75), Kanchanwadi (111.25), Harsul (78), Kachner (67.25), Pandharpur (76.75), Warud Kaji (65), Adul (81.50), Pimpalwadi (70.75) , Bidkin (124.75mm), Dongaon (106.75), Vaijapur (70), Shivur (106.75), Loni (65), Garaj (124), Lasurgaon (71.50), Devgaon (65.50) , Verul (125), Amthana (70.25), Ambhai (118.50mm) has been recorded ward wise.

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