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Wardha: After Wardha Deer Hunting, it was seen that the party went well for those who were partying in the hotel. A shocking incident of venison mutton party has come to light in ‘Thackeray Kitchen’ in Savangi, Wardhya. In this case, the Forest Department has detained two people while a case has been registered against eight people (Wardha Crime). There is talk that some builders of the district are included in this party.

The forest department has registered a case against eight persons who party after hunting deer. So far two accused have been detained by the forest department in this case. There is a discussion in the forest department that the deer party also includes city builders. The main accused in the deer poaching is said to be absconding.

The forest department had received the information that the deer was poached from Anji area of ​​Wardhya. An investigation has revealed that a deer mutton party was held at the hotel ‘Thackeray Kitchen’ in Tea Point Chowk, Sawangi. Arjun Singh, who lives in Anji, is the main accused in this case. The Forest Department has started an investigation into the matter and there is a strong possibility that the number of accused who have beaten deer meat will increase.

Leopard disappeared in Dharashiva

In Dharashiv taluka, forest employees have started roaming in the wild in search of leopards. A thorough inspection of the gardens and farms in seven kilometers of the city is being conducted. A team of 20 members of the forest department is searching for this leopard. Talks have been going on for the last several days that there is a leopard in Sindphal Shivara at the base of Sri Tuljabhavani temple in Tuljapur. So it is seen that the forest department has come into action mode.

A team of 20 people from the forest department conducted a search operation for leopards in fruit orchards and fields in an area of ​​about seven kilometers in Sindphal area. But the forest department did not get a leopard, nor any traces of leopard food. For two nights, the farmers of this area avoided going to the fields, while the villagers stayed awake the whole night. But still there was no trace of this leopard.

The discussion started about the discovery of a leopard from Varavanti in Dharashiv taluk. After that Kamtha, Aapsinga and now Sindphal, there are discussions going on that the dense forest area is mainly inhabited by leopards. At the same time, photos of a calf being torn in broad daylight in Varvanti and a goat in Aapsinga Shiwar went viral. Therefore, the belief of the villagers on the possibility of the presence of a leopard was strengthened.

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