Waheeda Rehman Was Pressured By The Director Raj Khosla For A Low-Neck Dress

Mumbai– There are many memories of the golden era of Hindi cinema. Some sour, some sweet and some bitter. The once-beautiful actress Waheeda Rehman has a similar bitter memory, a story 65 years old. The sixteenth year is in the film. She was accompanied by Devanand, with whom Waheeda made her Bollywood debut in the film ‘CID’.

Waheeda Rehman wanted to be a doctor

Waheeda Rehman dreamed of becoming a doctor, but she could not fulfill her dream as her family’s financial situation was poor. Wahida had to give up her dream and work due to her mother’s illness. Due to his prowess in dance, he started receiving film offers, which he accepted. She gave her first stage performance as a dancer in Brahmapur, which was organized by her uncle Dr. Organized by Feroze Ali. Waheeda’s relationship with Devanand improved in the mid-50s. Both of them acted in several films including Solwa Saal.

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The director wanted Waheeda to wear a deep neck dress

Waheeda Rehman said that Raj Khosla, the director of Sixteenth Saal, wanted Waheeda to dress up a little. But Wahida clearly refused to wear it. The director did not like this. He also threatened Waheeda saying, ‘According to your terms you have acted in only 2-3 films and this may be your last film.’

There was a heated debate on the sets

Even after receiving threats from the director, Waheeda Rehman remained firm on her statement. Raj Khos was so enraged that he even packed up the day’s shooting. When the matter went so far, Devanand had to intervene. He went to Wahida and listened to her side. After this he went to the director and listened to him. Then what Devanand did made Wahida’s respect for him even more.

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Devanand supported Wahida

Devanand supported Waheeda Rehman. He explained to Raj Khosla that Waheeda’s character in the film is named Lajwanti and accordingly she should not dress like that. You are angering the actress for no reason. Hearing him, Raj Khosla’s anger subsided and Waheeda Rehman felt more confident that Devanand would always support her.

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This movie was released 65 years ago

Talking about the movie Sixteenth Sal, it was released in the year 1958. It was produced by Chandrakant C. Desai and directed by Raj Khosla. Star actors like Devanand, Waheeda Rahman were included. The music was by Secretary Dev Burman and the lyrics were penned by Majrooh Sultanpuri. The song ‘Hai Apna Dil To Awara…’ from this film is still on people’s lips. One thing you might know about this movie is that Raj Khosla also had a small role in it. He was also the director of the film ‘CID’ and even then he objected to Waheeda’s similar contract terms.

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