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Pralhad Shinde’s songs, who created a distinct impression of his singing by singing hundreds of devotional songs, bhavgeet, qawwali, koligeet like Paole Chalati Pandharichi Vat, Chal Ga Sakhe Pandharila, Bappa Morya Re, Ud Jayega Ek Din Panchi Rahe Panjra Khalya, are still in the hearts of fans. Similar never seen video of Prahlad Shinde has been shared by Utkarsh Shinde.

Utkarsh is the grandson of Prahlad Shinde. He is very active on social media. While sharing this video, he has shared a long post.

In the post he said,

The voice that God likes, you make happiness, you make sorrow disappear..

“I heard this song just this morning. I want to create the atmosphere of Ganapati. I want to see this song. Fans who meet me sometimes tell me the memories of this song. In our childhood in Konkan, there was a garden of trees in front of our house, dense forest around it, and then another house in the distance. Once upon a time there was a voice that brought everyone together. Tuchch Sukh Karta Tuchch Dukh Harta, Will God accept me now? Hear the story of Satyanarayana. This voice, which has been alive for generations, is enticing the young generation through YouTube, Insta reels. Prahlad Shinde’s bundle of money, awards “Even though it may be less, the love of the audience across all castes and religions will be counted on the fingers of those who have benefited the most,” he said in the post.

Further in the post, he says, “Though this neck did not preserve the classical falcon, but it managed the correct tune coming from the Vyunsha traditional neck. This voice will pull the human mind towards spirituality. Whether it is a house-mother-in-law argument or a song about relationships. Folk songs matches to record breaking. People who have worked with him say that Prahlad Shinde used to sing in the upper fold where the breath of other singers would end.

“This voice of Prahlad Shinde, which is heard from the children to the elderly. It is the voice of Prahlad Shinde, which reached the Deoghar of the house in Mela, Chowka, Bajra, Bhajan, Parayana, weekly, which was eternal and will remain”, he said, illuminating the memories of his grandfather.

The folk singer of Maharashtra passed away on 23 June 2003. Prahlad Shinde was succeeded by his son Anand Shinde, Milind Shinde continued his singing legacy. After that now Adarsh, Utkarsh Shinde is also making his name in the singing field.

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