Virat Kohli : ‘…then I wouldn’t be in Team India today’, Virat wins Rao’s heart on toddler’s DM; Watch the video

Virat Kohli, World Cup 2023 : The World Cup (World Cup 2023) which is the epitome of cricket is going to start in the next 2 weeks. The match between England and New Zealand will be held on October 5 as the Sri Ganesha of the World Cup. Team India’s match will be played on October 8. India will play the opening match against Australia (IND vs AUS). In white ball cricket, the burden of batting for Team India will be on the shoulders of Virat Kohli. Virat proved himself again in the Asia Cup. So now Team India’s hopes are on Virat. This is how Virat Kohli has won hearts before the World Cup. A video of Virat Kohli is trending on social media. What exactly has Virat done? let’s see…

Currently an advertisement of Star Sports (Star Sports Advt) is going viral. This advertisement has been shot with Virat Kohli. The aim behind this is to inspire children to play. Currently this ad seems to be in trend. What exactly did Virat do? see…

In the advertisement of Star Sports, Virat Kohli is traveling in a car. At that time, he receives a message from a small child. In it he would have said that we ‘try’ to play cricket every day, but our uncles and aunts in the society do not allow us to play. Virat decided to help his little fan. Virat drove the car directly to the society and met the little one. At that time, Chillyapillas made a mess there. Virat started playing cricket. A cardboard ball hit an aunt’s house. At that time aunty will not give the ball, as soon as the children say that Virat goes to fetch the ball and…

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Aunt is also shocked to see Virat who went to fetch the ball. At that time, Virat explains that if someone had not given me the ball, I would not have played in Team India today. Let the children play. After that, Virat takes the ball and starts playing again with the children in the society. Do not prevent children from playing. Let them play, Virat advised this time

Watch the video

Meanwhile, due to the growing jungle of the present cement, neither the field nor the play is left. In the age of online children have forgotten how to play. Many outdoor sports are also limited to the village. Children should come to the field and play with passion.. Sometimes they should break the blocks and sometimes they should bring the victory trophy. But never give up sports.. Any sport makes you brilliant. So it is always better to play outdoor games than to get depressed by playing online games.

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