Violent protests against the state government took place in Bhujbal’s constituency-Maharashtra Government should roll back contract labor GR.

NCP delegation at Yeola



NCP delegation at Yeola

NCP demonstration news: The state government has no social consciousness. Since they have nothing to do with the state and people, they have decided to create an army of daily wage workers. Nationalist Youth Congress Regional Vice President Adv. By Shahu Shinde. (The decision of the state government will create serious social problems)

In the constituency of State Food and Civil Supplies Minister Chhagan Bhujbal, Nationalist Youth Congress (NCP) (Sharad Pawar) activists protested against the government.

During the agitation of NCP in Yevla, strong slogans were raised against the state government. The decision of contract recruitment had a strong impact among the youth. Therefore, the number of youths in this movement was significant. Since this movement is in the minister’s own constituency, it is being given importance politically.

At this time Adv. Shinde said that with this decision of the government, the dreams of future government jobs of the youth have been shattered. Government’s decision of contract recruitment is dangerous socially as well as for the future of youth. The government is ruining the lives of the youth by taking such decisions. He warned that they will have to pay the price.

Adv. Under the leadership of Shinde, a holi was held on the Yewla-Nashik highway at Vinchur Chauphuli, shouting slogans and carrying copies of the government decision. Contractual recruitment will curb the dreams of the youth appearing for competitive exams.

He further said that in the future, jobs will be a daydream, and this decision of government recruitment under the control of nine companies and giving a fixed salary is ruining the lives of many. This will also hamper the progress. It was demanded that the government should withdraw the decision immediately as it was a capitalist decision.

City President Yogesh Sonwane, Assembly Vice President Aziz Sheikh, District Vice President Deepak Lathe, Taluka Vice President Bharat Dhange, Minority Cell District President Akbar Shah, Student Taluka President Amit Shinde, Sainath Madhwai, Feroze Sheikh, Milind Patil, Nilesh Bhadane, Kalu Sheikh, Narayan Gaikwad, Balasaheb Kasbe. , Rajesh Kadam, Shambhu Shinde, Yogesh Shinde, Kaka Vani, Majit Ansari, Sandesh Shinde etc were present.

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