Vijay Wadettiwar | "A meeting at Raj Thackeray’s house is a toll" Vadettiwar criticizes Raj Thackeray – Zee 24 Taas

  1. Vijay Wadettiwar | “Meeting at Raj Thackeray’s house is a toll” Wadettiwar’s criticism of Raj ThackerayZee 24 Taas
  2. Important decisions by the Government regarding tolls; Raj Thackeray told the relevant information in the press conference!Loksatta
  3. Big news: 44 tolls will be closed, new system in the ministry… these 14 promises to Raj Thackeray from the governmentMaharashtra Times
  4. Raj Thackeray | Will Maharashtra become toll-free? What happened in the Chief Minister’s meeting? Raj Thackeray saidZee 24 Taas
  5. Raj Thackeray: What will happen to the old 44 toll booths?; What was the big decision in the meeting with Raj Thackeray?TV9 Marathi
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