Video : Marathi Actor Sandeep Pathak making pakodas on roadside video viral on social media

Many artists from the Marathi art world are touring across Maharashtra for plays. Along with Marathi culture and traditions, these artists have a special interest in the food culture of our Maharashtra. Actors on the tour of the play relish the various dishes of the countryside and share their videos on social media. In the meantime, Sonali Kulkarni had surprised everyone by roasting corn on the stove herself at Lonavala Ghat. Her video went viral. Currently, one such video of another actor has become a topic of discussion on social media.

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Actor Sandeep Pathak became a household name due to the drama ‘Vrahad Chelanay Londonla’. Actor Sandeep Pathak created a distinct identity for himself in the entertainment world with his excellent acting. Sandeep is great not only as an actor but also as a person. Be it interacting with common people or speaking respectfully to fans, his humanity is evident.

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While traveling for a play tour recently, Sandeep couldn’t resist the temptation to eat hot bhaji. Stopping the car, he asked the shopkeeper and in the middle of the day, he fried hot bhaji with his own hands. This video has been shared by the actor on his social media. “When travelling, I like to stop at each place and eat different foods. Near Surdi Fati (Kalamb) a boy named Akash was frying hot bhaji, I was tempted to fry bhaji and eat it. The actor has captioned this video as “Thank you Akash”.

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Meanwhile, netizens have showered praise on the actor’s video. Netizens are overwhelmed by its simplicity. Users commented on this video like “I think you have a very good heart”, “God will not let you lose anything”, “Sandeep Pathak is a celebrity but supports poor people”, “Sir this video will definitely change the attitude of ordinary and aspiring kids towards business”. Sandeep Pathak has been appreciated.

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