Top 10 News Headlines In Marathi Today | ABP Majha Headlines From 3 October 2023: Today’s Breaking News, Read Top 10 Headlines in ABP Majha’s Morning Bulletin

  • ABP Majha Top 10, 2 October 2023 : Breaking News Today, Evening Latest News, Read ABP Majha Top 10 Evening Headlines

    Check Top 10 ABP Majha Evening Headlines, 2 October 2023 : Top 10 Headlines of ABP Majha Evening Bulletin can be read here. Read more

  • Nobel Prize: Nobel Prize winners get a prize of ‘so many’ crores; What else comes with it? find out

    Nobel Prize Winners: Nobel Prize winners get many other things along with this award. The biggest thing is that they earn so much money that you can’t even imagine. Read more

  • 3rd October In History : Indira Gandhi arrested after defeat in Lok Sabha, fall of Berlin Wall and unification of Germany; Today in history

    On This Day In History : Britain tested its first atomic bomb on this day and sent a message to America and Russia that we too are in the competition. Read more

  • Lottery : Goods Weekly! Bought the lottery for just 200 rupees, became the owner of 38 crores overnight

    Lottery News : It is reported that the person who won the lottery has not yet made any contact with the lottery authorities. Read more

  • Harry Potter: Dumbledore in ‘Harry Potter’ dies, takes his last breath at the age of 82

    Harry Potter: Actor Michael Gambon, who played the role of Dumbledore in the movie ‘Harry Potter’, has passed away. He breathed his last at the age of 82. Read more

  • Avinash Narkar: Another video of Avinash Narkar; Again said, “Our papa brought Ganapati”.

    Avinash Narkar: Famous actor Avinash Narkar’s second video is once again making waves on social media. Read more

  • Asian Games Hockey: Indian hockey team enters semi-finals in Dimakha; Bangladesh thrashed 12-0

    Asian Games 2023 Hockey: In the Asian Games, the Indian hockey team thrashed Bangladesh 12-0 in a brilliant performance. Read more

  • You are the third party, only Indian players fought for the medal, the fourth numbered player objected to the ‘third’

    Swapna Barman vs Nandini Agasara: Controversy between the Indian athletes in the heptathlon event at the Asian Games 2023 has come to the fore. Read more

  • Health Tips: Eating dry fruits on an empty stomach every day? So, it is necessary for you to know ‘this’

    Health Tips : Dry fruits are very beneficial and good for health. Read more

  • Mutual Fund: Now investment in mutual funds can be done by debit card, the process has become easier…

    Mutual Fund Investment: Now you can invest in mutual funds through debit card. Read more

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