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How will today’s day be for all zodiac signs in the changing position of the planet. Let’s know how important Monday will be for all zodiac signs from Aries to Pisces. Today’s horoscope by famous astrologer Chirag Daruwala.

Aries: There will be difficulties

Today you will face some difficulties at work and you will have to consult others to overcome them. Due to increase in family expenses, you will be under mental pressure today, so you may feel a little anxious. If you are thinking of doing business with someone, do it carefully. Today you have to avoid investing money in risky investments. Doing so will destroy your money in the future. Luck will be 77% in your favor today. Recite ‘Sankatnashak Ganesha Stotra’ daily.

Taurus: Good day for new work

Small businessmen may face some problems today, for which they need to borrow some money. If this happens, take the money only after consulting your brother. If you want to start some new work, today will be a good day for it and you will get full support of fortune. Today you will spend the evening talking with your family members. People working today have to do their work carefully, otherwise mistakes may be made in haste. Luck will be 98% in your favor today. Feed the last bread every night to the black dog.

Gemini: Morale will increase

Today you will hear news of Harshvardhan in your children’s work, which will boost your morale. If you are going on a trip with friends, be very careful because there is a fear of losing or stealing your loved ones. Today you have to arrange some money for one of your relatives. If you have done any business in partnership then it can also give you profit today. Today you have to control your speech at work, otherwise you may have an argument with someone. Luck will be 63% in your favor today. In the morning, water should be offered to the sun with copper.

Cancer Rasa: Honor will increase

You will take an active part in social activities, thus increasing your prestige. The decision you take in business will be beneficial for you. If there are any obstacles in your son’s marriage, you will be successful in finding a solution today. If the love life people have not yet introduced their partner to their family members, they can introduce them today. Evening time: Today you have to be careful about your mother’s health as there is a possibility of some deterioration, which may cause you to face some problems. Luck will be 96% in your favor today. Offer Durva to Ganesha.

Leo: The mind will be happy

Ganesha says that spending money on worldly comforts will keep the mind happy. Today you will spend some money to fulfill your daily needs, but today you have to be wary of your opponents in job and business. If there is an argument in the evening, try to avoid it. You can buy gifts for your partner. You can also participate in some cultural events. Luck will be 77% in your favor today. Recite Shri Ganesha Chalisa.

Virgo: Pleasant experiences will come

There will be pleasant experiences in married life. Today you can meet an old friend whom you have been waiting for a long time. Today’s working people may have differences with their superiors, in which case they have to be gentle in their speech. If you are planning to make someone a partner in your business, it will be a good day for him. You may be a little worried about some member of your family. If you are suffering from any disease, your troubles may increase today. If this happens, definitely seek medical advice. Luck will be 64% in your favor today. Offer water to Shiva with copper by placing white sandalwood tila.

Libra: You will be busy

Today you will be busy in solving problems related to your friend’s land, due to which you will not be able to spare time for your family members and your partner may be upset with you. If this happens try to explain to them and take them out for a walk. Today you will discuss your future plans with your siblings, which will also strengthen your relationship. Luck will be 76% in your favor today. Feed jaggery to cows.

Scorpio: Invest

If your work is pending for a long time, it can be completed with the help of your father. Students will need the support of their teachers in their studies. If you decide to invest somewhere today, invest without consulting, if you take someone’s advice, it can be a losing business for you. Today you seem to get full support and companionship from your partner. You will invest in some future plans for your children, which will definitely benefit you in the future. Luck will be 72% in your favor today. Worship Lord Vishnu.

Sagittarius: You will win

If you are planning to buy a property, check the movable side separately. In business you will destroy some of your enemies, whom you will conquer; Job seekers may find some new opportunities today. New energy will come in love life. You may take a big decision regarding your child’s future, in which you will need the advice of your parents and spouse. Luck will be 91% in your favor today. Say Bajrang Baan.

Capricorn: May have to face

If you have any pending government work today it can be completed today with the grace of higher officials, you can also organize a party after its completion. If there is an ongoing family feud, it may resurface today. Your health may be mild in the evening. Due to the adverse effects of weather, you may face problems like cough, cold, fever. Students can apply today if they want to take admission in any course. Luck will be 88% in your favor today. Offer a ladleful of Besna to Lord Vishnu.

Aquarius: The day will be good

It will be a good day if you are planning to do any business in partnership. People related to government jobs can get promotion. You may struggle to achieve the success you desire. Meeting an old woman will bring special opportunities for advancement. After evening your mind will be engaged in religious activities, in which you will also spend some money. You may have an argument with your in-laws. Luck will be 71% in your favor today. Add flour to the ant.

Pisces: Be sweet in speech

New sources of income will come to you, you will have to strengthen your financial position by recognizing them. Even your enemies will appear as your friends today. If you have decided to invest your money somewhere, today will be a good day for that too. You will get relief from problems in the field of work, which will keep your mind happy. In the evening you can participate in any religious program. If there is any opposition from brothers and sisters today, you have to be sweet in your speech. Luck will be 77% in your favor today. Recite Shri Shiva Chalisa.

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