Three women from Pune stuck in Saudi Arabia were released by State Women Commission; Three women from Pune, who were stuck in Saudi Arabia, were released by the State Women’s Commission

Pune: Three women from the same family were taken from Pune to Saudi Arabia and tortured on the pretext of work. Women were beaten and starved. The efforts of the State Commission for Women succeeded in rescuing three women. A case has been registered against the brokers in this regard.
The person locked the house at night, and went to sleep on the roof, when he woke up in the morning, the ground under his feet shifted, what exactly happened?
The victim women were advised by a woman acquaintance to go to Saudi Arabia for work. The women went to Saudi Arabia through an intermediary in Mumbai. The middleman there sent them to do housework in different places. However, they were beaten up by the house owners. They were also denied wages and starved. The victim got the email ID of the State Commission for Women. One of these women emailed there and requested to be released. The Women’s Commission tried continuously for three months and implemented the process to bring them home.

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Chairman of the commission Rupali Chakankar informed in a press conference on Monday that these women entered Pune eight days ago. Additional Commissioner of Police (Crime) Ramnath Pokle, Deputy Commissioner Amol Zende, Deputy Commissioner Srinivas Ghadge were present. The State Commission for Women has rescued twenty women from abroad. This includes two minor girls. Most of these women had gone to the Gulf countries for work. Rupali Chakankar has appealed that women who have gone abroad for employment should contact the State Women’s Commission if they have been cheated.

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