The plenary session on early elections in 2023 is suspended for 20 minutes

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The discussion ended. Martha Moyanopart of the Board of Governors of Congress, suspended the plenary session for 20 minutes at the request of Hernando Guerra, Chairman of the Constitution Committee, who requested a stay to agree on a replacement text on the process of general elections by 2023.

The elections, according to the new proposal, were to be held in October this year.

For example, in the reconsideration, the banks voted to debate which elections are this year

78 votes were obtained, leaving nine votes to immediately approve the substantive proposal.

The groups voted in favor of reconsidering Fuerza Popular to discuss early elections. (EFE/Ernesto Arias)

By majority the plenary meeting Congress of the Republic approved the review to discuss that the early elections be implemented in 2023 and no longer in April 2024, as proposed by the Leadership through an invoice.

living discussion

The debate on the early approach of elections for 2023:

the congressman Jose Cueto, from Popular Renewal, asks a preliminary question so that the new proposal returns to the Constitution Committee. In the end it was rejected. Now the debate on how to bring forward the elections to 2023 resumes.

New proposal

The new proposal from the Constitutional Commission, chaired by the Fujimorist Hernando Guerra, proposes that the president call elections in October 2023 and that her term of office expires in December 2023.

In addition, that the president-elect will be sworn in on January 1, 2024 to July 28, 2029 (for five and a half years), and that the new Congress will take office on December 31, 2023.

After approval of the review presented by Fuerza Popular, bringing forward the elections to 2023 is being discussed.

More details in this document:

Congress LIVE: The plenary session on early elections in 2023 is interrupted for 20 minutes

By 78 votes to 34 and 7 abstentions, the plenary approved the request of Congressional Constitutional Committee Chairman Hernando Guerra to reconsider the vote on the progress of the election for this year. A new three-hour debate was opened.

Guerra asked to go straight to the vote. “There has been enough discussion, the citizens are waiting for our vote,” she said.

Which parties would you vote for if the elections were brought forward to December 2023?

So far, 12 political groups have been registered in the National Election Jury (JNE) that could participate in the elections.

It was called for the general election to be held this year and not in April 2024. (Reuters)/Henry Romero
It was called for the general election to be held this year and not in April 2024. (Reuters)/Henry Romero

In the midst of the endless protests At the national level, the discussion in the political sphere focused on the early general electionsthat is one of the main requests of the protesters, after the assumption of Dinah Boluarte as President of the Republic.

The intervention of speakers is closed and the vote is arranged.

The non-group congressman, Carlos Andersonannounced that he will vote for the reconsideration, although he questions the Constituent Assembly’s proposal.

“They repeat the Constituent Assembly like a blanket, as if they know what it consists of, how many members it has, what powers it has. I challenged in several interviews to get an answer, but none of the colleagues [de izquierda] give it to me, he said.

“So demanding that without having defined it is just irresponsible or a sign that you don’t want to do it,” he noted.

Carlos Anderson, Congressman not grouped.
Carlos Anderson, Congressman not grouped.

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