the inconsolable cry of Marcos for the departure of Agustín

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Big Brother 2022: Marcos’s inconsolable cry for Agustín’s departure

Marcos Ginocchio is the contestant most affected by the departure of Augustine Guardis from the house of Big Brother. Not only because she was his most faithful companion there, but because he – along with Romina Uhrig – were the leaders of the week and had decided to save Ariel Ansaldo from the nominees. He didn’t agree and they chose to throw him out: Marcos didn’t want Agustín on the board and Romina had the same intention with Daniela Celis.

For example, during the gala on Monday evening they showed a video with the consequences of the first hours without Agustín in the most famous house in the country and Marcos was seen crying in the confessional, where he expressed his fear. “I feel… I feel a little weird,” the contestant began, then chose silence.

“Are you surprised?” he asked. Big Brother. And the young man from Salta opened up: “Partly yes and partly no because I believe we can all leave here at any time. And you never know who is well positioned. What the participant doesn’t know is that he is one of the favorites outside, in surveys through social networks.

“Nothing was needed – he continued – except to be each as they are and to enjoy each day more and more. I felt very comfortable when I felt I could really open up completely with him.

Then he returned to his room and decided to lie down on the bed, cover himself and cry softly, allowing him to express his sadness at the departure of the one who was his biggest confidant in the most famous reality show in the country. Lucia Villar, popularly known as The TorahHe approached and tried to comfort him. “I’m only going to tell you one thing: ‘God doesn’t put his warriors into battle who can’t carry them on his back.’ That’s all I’m going to tell you. You are not to blame for anything. Free yourself from everything you feel, ”he told his partner, who appreciated the gesture of the participant. “Thanks for coming, Torita”, he expressed himself and continued in bed. “Agus would have wanted you upstairs. It won’t be long now, they’ll see each other outside, they’ll be friends,’ she continued, trying to cheer her up.

Ariel later appeared, who did the same and analyzed the game, questioning the attitude of the leader of the week: “What good is it if your best friend leaves?” “It can’t be right for everyone,” Marcos replied, still with a touch of sadness and remembering that he couldn’t save him because he had to share the decision with Romina.

Agustín, after his second eviction from Big Brother
Agustín, after his second eviction from Big Brother

While they showed the report with what happened in the most famous house in the country after his departure, Agustín was in the study of the program he leads Santiago del Moro, who asked him what he felt when he saw his friend’s fear. “It excites me a lot because it’s about the friendship and the bond we have, that we generate inside. I’ve always said it was unexpected for me, that’s why it’s the best thing of all. It’s the things he gives you Big Brotheramong so many beautiful things happening in the house, ”opined the recently eliminated.

“And I want him to recover,” he added. I told him: that I loved him, to get better, not to worry, to move on. He still has a very short way to go, because there is little left to do, and he has a lot of chances to make it to the final and, why not, hit a bump ”.

On the other side, they showed the conversations Daniela and Tora had in the confessional after being saved by the public. “I am surprised, happy. When did the vs. Agustín ‘no, by God’. In the plates I had to share with him, he always came out first and I was the other. I saw her very messed up and I know she has a lot of stamina outdoors,” Celis analyzed.

While Villar reflected that he managed to get out of that “victim spot”: “And I said why not me? I am myself, change the forms, am a null mask”.

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