The death of a young man due to the terrible sound of Dolby in Hinjwadi! Third event in the state : Ganesh Festival

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Hinjewadi: In Pune ITnagari Hinjwadi, the Ganesh immersion procession of Sarvajanik Ganesh Mandals has been disturbed due to the sound of Dolby. The incident of killing a young man due to illegal Dolby sound took place on Wednesday (27th) at around nine. (Ganesh Festival a young man died due to intense sound of Dolby System in Hinjewadi Pune District)

Dolby sound

According to the police, the young man’s name is Yogesh Manoj Sakhre (age 23, resident of Hinjewadi) and he is a member of Kranti Mitra Mandal. At seven o’clock this group started the immersion procession. After that for a long time, the sound of Dolby started. (Latest Marathi News)

Heart stopped beating

The young man’s heart stopped beating due to this fatal Dolby sound and he died. After this incident, all the circles have stopped their Dolby. The Hinjewadi police who arrived at the spot are taking further action. (Marathi Tajya Batmya)

The death of both of them

Meanwhile, yesterday (Tuesday) two youths in Sangli district died of a heart attack due to the sound of a DJ. Due to this, there have been three cases of death due to the sound of DJ in the state.

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