The conjunction of Mars and Ketu is going to happen in Libra these zodiac signs can get money

Mangal And Ketu Conjunction In Tula: According to Vedic Astrology, each planet transits at its appointed time. At this time these planets form conjunctions with other planets. Meanwhile, this alliance affects the lives of all zodiac signs. In the coming time, the combination of Mars and Ketu will be formed in Libra.



Mars and Ketu will be in union on October 3. Mars will enter Libra on October 3rd. In such a situation, the effect of this combination will be beneficial for some people. Let’s know which zodiac signs will benefit from this alliance this time.

Kanya Zodiac

The combination of Mars and Ketu will be beneficial for you. You may get unexpected money this time. The ongoing tension in the family will be removed. Investing money at this time will be beneficial for you. You will benefit in future. This time you will get stuck money. It’s a good time to change jobs. Can buy new property or vehicle.

Leo Zodiac

The combination of Mars and Ketu will be favorable for Leo people. This conjunction will form in the third house from your sign. People whose business is related to foreign countries can get good benefits. You can get accidental money. Your speaking will improve. You will get great opportunities in career. This period is auspicious for married life.

Makar Zodiac

The combination of Mars and Ketu will be beneficial for you. If employed people are thinking of changing jobs, this is a very good opportunity. Your relationship with your father will be strengthened. Your relationship with family members will improve. You can buy any property or vehicle during this period. Your mind will be busy with religious activities.

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