Tharala Tar Mag Latest Episode Update Today On 20 September Arjun Hartalika Vrat Fast For Sayali; Another side of Arjun in love will be seen; Did Hartalika Vrat for Saili

Mumbai: In today’s episode of ‘Tharlam Ter Mag’, Sayli prays for Madhubhau’s early release while worshiping Hartalike. On the other hand, Priya also fasted for Arjuna. But Raviraj and Suman misunderstand that she is now ready for second marriage and so she fasts on Hartalike. As Sayli worships Hartalike passionately at Subhedar’s, Arjun once again stares at her in disbelief. Then he learns from Kalpana and Vimal’s conversation that Sayli is going to fast.

Arjun appreciates that Sayli is going to fast for him despite being angry. So he decides that if he doesn’t eat or drink anything today, he won’t eat anything either. On the other hand, the fast has started for a few hours, but Priya cannot bear the fast and asks for something to eat from outside. The kachori she asked falls into the hands of Rakesh and Nagaraj, who make fun of her. Fasting is a very difficult task even for Asmita.

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As Arjun has fasted for Sayali, he leaves for office giving everyone an excuse. But when he tells why he is not eating, he gets flustered. Sally is surprised by his behavior. He does not even drink the tea served by the office client. He also goes out to a hotel with Chaitanya, and does not eat anything there either. Chaitanya also gets confused that he is not eating anything. Just then Chaitanya gets a message from Sakshi Shikhar that she has fasted for him. Chaitanya then directly asks Arjuna if he too has fasted on Hartalika. When Arjuna cannot hide why he is not eating, Chaitanya is shocked that Arjuna has actually fasted for Sayali. He excitedly shouts to everyone in the hotel that Arjun has fasted for Hartalike.

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Even when Arjun comes home, he does not eat anything. At that time, Kalpana and Sayli feel stressed due to office work. She calls Chaitanya and asks what exactly happened. He tells Kalpana that Arjun fasted for Hartalike. The promo of the next episode shows Kalpana taking a compliment from Arjun that he has fasted. So he tells Sally that she always tells him to do something for others. So Arjun tells Saili that he is seeing how she feels after fasting for her.

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