Tharala Tar Mag Latest Episode Update On 5 October Arjun Expresses His Feeling For Sayali In Front Of Tanvi; ‘Saily is my life partner’, Arjun falls in love; Priya heard well!

Mumbai: At the start of today’s episode of ‘Tharlam Ter Mag’, Arjun recalls the moments from his first meeting with Sayli. He would have called it a ‘messy scam’, he remembers. He remembers what Sally had told him about his mother’s love, about marriage. He remembers Sally’s opposition to contract marriage. He also remembers Sayli who selflessly entered into a contract marriage with him for Madhubu. Arjuna starts realizing the truth of their fake marriage. During all the festivals like Mangalore, Dahihandi, Ganeshotsav, he remembers the happy moments he spent with Saili and his face glows with joy. But the next moment he remembers the attack on Sally and breaks down.

Tanvi also takes advantage of this situation and tries to get closer to Arjun. She approaches him on the pretext of sharing his grief, but Arjun ignores her. Lie laments that she couldn’t give Sally blood. Tanvi says to him, I can do anything to be your support. Then Arjun scolds her saying, ‘There is no need for this because what is fighting for survival inside is my support. Because she doesn’t come forward and try to connect with me like you do. Because we are already connected. We have a mind connection.’ He underlines her and says, ‘She is my life partner. It means she and I will be together for the rest of our lives.’ He also says that Sally has a long life and she wants to live with me a lot.

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At Subhedar’s house, Poorna prays to Aji Devi to read Saili’s life. Asmita doesn’t like this, because of which Poorna Aji yells at her a lot. Teaches her four things of humanity. Asmita thinks badly of Sayli because of her anger. On the other hand, Mahipat and Nagaraj are thinking how come Saili has not died yet. Mahipat also expresses anger towards Chaitanya, as he tells Sakshi about their plan to attack Saili.

Arjun says that till Saili gets blood, he will not go down the throat. Everyone feels Arjun’s love for Saili. Meanwhile, Kusum Tai is going to the hospital to see Saili. Then the rickshaw she is traveling hits the image.

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What will happen in the next part

The promo of the next episode shows that Subhedar is told that Saili will survive only if she receives blood in time. Then Arjun folded his hands in front of Ganapati Bappa and said, ‘I have never asked you for anything till date. For the first time I am asking you for one thing with folded hands, save my Saili.’ The promo further showed Ashwin happily coming and telling everyone that he has found a rare blood group donor to donate blood to Saili. Meanwhile this blood donor is the image of the real Tanvi i.e. Saili’s mother.

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