Tharala Tar Mag Latest Episode Update On 21 September Sayali Teaches Arjun How To Make Modak During Ganesh Festival 2023; Vrat of Hartalike, Modak and now Soval… Arjun falls in love with Saili in Ganeshotsav special episode

Mumbai: In today’s episode of ‘Tharlam Ter Mag’, when Kalpana realizes that Arjun has fasted for Sayali, she makes fun of him. Deliberately names various sparkling foods in front of him and asks to order those foods from outside. Arjun finally gets upset and tells everyone that he has taken the vow of Hartalike and is fasting. What happens if the husband fasts for his wife? He asks this question to everyone. He says to Kalpana, if my wife can stay hungry for me all day then why not me? Sayli is confused by Arjun’s speech. She thinks that he is pretending to be infatuated as usual.

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When Arjun goes to their room, Saili asks him if he has really fasted. Sayali tells him where she is his real wife, Arjun asks her the same question. Arjun says you always say do something for others, today I am doing that. Arjun says to Saili that he wants to see how it feels to do something for you. Kalpana, on the other hand, admires Saili-Arjun for keeping a strict fast for each other. She says that they will love each other for seven births. On the second day, Subhedars have a lot of decoration of Ganapati. Even at that time, Arjun’s eyes did not move away from Sayali, who was cooking in the kitchen. He stares at her in between. Finally Arjun goes to Saili’s help. Arjun thinks that modak is a very easy thing to do. Arjun gives her a challenge that he will show Modak. Ashwin and Kalpana once again make fun of Sayli-Arjun after hearing this conversation. Then Sally teaches him how to do Modak by holding hands. Meanwhile, he gets lost in looking at Sally once again. When Sally realizes that everyone is looking at them, she feels like it’s difficult again. After this, Asmita taunts Arjun for only helping his wife.

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When Subhedar is decorating Ganapati, the memory of the image comes out. So when the topic of Ganesha comes up even with the forts, Suman says that every year their entire family used to go to stay with the Subhedars on the days of Ganesha. This practice continued even after Pratima’s sister-in-law passed away. Suman asks whether to go to Subedar this year too? Raviraj does not give any answer to this. Meanwhile, the promo of the next episode shows Sayali kissing Arjun and complimenting him saying ‘he looks good’.

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