Tejashree Pradhan To Apurva Nemlekar Marathi Actresses Who Happily Single After Marriage; Don’t want to get married now, Dad! Marathi actress living alone after a divorce experience; Earnings are also in lakhs

Mumbai– The life of actors working in the field of acting always marks the fans. The audience is eager to know their living conditions, their clothes, their lifestyle. But although his life seems glamorous to the audience, not everything is smooth in his personal life. Even in the Marathi film industry there are some actors who decided to get divorced within a year or two after getting married in a pomp and ceremony. Some of them decided to get married again, while some are still single and enjoying the industry. His performance wins the hearts of the audience. Some are coming to the audience from the small screen while some are among the top actresses on the big screen. Let’s see some such actresses.

Apoorva Nemalekar

Popular actress Apoorva Nemalekar, who ruled the hearts of the audience as Shevanta, was in a relationship with Rohan Deshpande before marriage. The actress decided to marry Rohan after 8 years of relationship. Rohan and Apoorva got married in Mumbai but due to some reasons their marriage did not last long. The two separated and now Apoorva is single. Apoorva is currently playing a negative role in the serial ‘Premache Joshta’. But her role has been liked by the audience.

Tejaswini Pandit

Popular actress Tejaswini Pandit, who created a place in the hearts of the audience with her acting, created a separate place for herself in the Marathi industry. Today she is the top actress in Marathi industry. She tied the knot with her childhood friend Bhushan Bopche in 2012. But they divorced within a few years. Currently, Tejaswini is single and is also making a name for herself as a producer.

Smita Gondkar

Bigg Boss Marathi season 1 contestant and ‘Pappy De Parula’ fame Smita Gondkar got married to corporator Siddharth Bandia many years ago. Smita later filed a case against him on charges of malpractice and fraud. After that she separated from him. Smita is single today and spends most of her time with her family.

Sai Tamhankar

Actress Sai Tamhankar has now created a separate place for herself in Bollywood as well as Marathi. Sai has created her place in the hearts of fans by playing different roles. She herself is seen openly talking about her personal life. In 2013, Sai Tamhankar married Amey Gosavi. But the marriage of Sai and Amey lasted only two years. Sai divorced Amey in 2015. One of the two dates on her shoulder is a wedding date.

Mayuri Tiger

Actress Mayuri Wagh of ‘Ai Tusha Ashirwad’ fame also got married to actor Piyush Ranade in 2017. She became an identity and ruled the hearts of the audience. They met during this series and decided to tie the knot. But they divorced within a few years. Fans were shocked by the news of their divorce. Her ‘Aao Tusha Ashirwad’ serial has just bid adieu to the audience

Rupali Bhosale

Popular small screen actress Rupali Bhosle is always in the news. Sanjana became Rupali from ‘Ai Khe Kya Karte’ and reached the household. But after marriage, she got to see a different world. Which she hadn’t thought of. After going to London, her husband started giving her a lot of mental trouble. She escaped from London. After her divorce, she once again proved herself in the field of acting and is now one of the most popular actresses on the small screen.

Tejashree Pradhan

Actress Tejashree Pradhan fell in love with co-star Shashank Ketkar on the sets of the show ‘Honar Soon Me Ya Gharchi’. Finally in 2014 they tied the knot but this marriage did not last long. The couple separated in 2015. Their divorce was a big shock for the audience. After that, Shashank married Priyanka. But Tejashree is single. She is currently playing the lead role in the serial ‘Prema Chi Josh’.

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