Supriya Sule criticizes Devendra Fadnavis in Baramati; Supriya Sule criticizes Devendra Fadnavis in Baramati

Pune: Supriya Sule, who came to visit Ganpati Mandals in Baramati, was questioned by journalists about Fadnavis’s car being stopped in Nagpur, she said that as a representative of the people, Devendra Fadnavis or anyone else should stop the car and demand justice from him. But it is not right to disturb them by stopping the car. No matter which party they belong to but one thing must be admitted that Bharatiya Janata Party leaders are so engrossed in breaking the party, breaking houses, using agencies like CBI ED that where do they get time to develop. This is the same Devendra Fadnavis, if he had paid attention to development work instead of splitting the party, this time would not have come to the people of Nagpur. This day would not have come to the people of Nagpur. There are many subjects in the country and state. Even with all the issues like Manipur, Canada, Inflation and Unemployment, BJP only focuses on conspiracy. She also said that we all should stand strong to help Nagpur.
For a hundred years they bid farewell to their fathers with the sound of bhajans; This village has preserved the tradition of procession together
When Supriya Sule was asked about the new Parliament sentiment, she said, “When the government convened the session, we thought that something big would be decided.” Modiji told us that if there is any bitterness left, then when there will be a loan waiver, something big will be done to give relief to the farmers or a big decision will be made. Then all the parties unanimously stood with him. But nothing actually happened. On the contrary, on the second day of the session, when the women MPs got up to speak, the BJP MPs insulted them. We all supported him when he introduced the Women’s Bill. But later realized this is a joke. It was the same subject as this post dated cheque.

It was three evenings… Supriya Sule mixed tunes, enjoyed planting

She further said that the next day when the women stood up to speak, BJP MPs were misbehaving and making slogans before the speech started. In the new parliament, we went in anticipation. I love the old parliament. The entire history of the country is associated with the old Parliament. Many emotions are attached to it. When asked if Sunetra Pawar is going to contest elections against you, she said, we have democracy. The whole country sees what repression is going on in Delhi. Will someone fight against me? We should all respect that. BJP has fought against me 3 times. Will fight even now.

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