Suddenly the movement increased, the Chief Minister, both the Deputy Chief Ministers entered ‘Varsha’, what exactly is happening? – Marathi News | Cm eknath shinde deputy cm devendra fadnavis and ajit pawar met at varsha bungalow

Many developments are currently happening in the politics of Maharashtra. On the other hand, the atmosphere in the state has heated up due to the issues of Maratha, OBC and Dhangar reservation. Also, the onion issue is hot. Meanwhile, the movement at the Chief Minister’s official residence has suddenly picked up after ten o’clock at night.

Suddenly the movement increased, the Chief Minister, both the Deputy Chief Ministers entered the year, what exactly is happening?

Nikhil Chavan, Tv9 Marathi, Mumbai | 30 September 2023 : After 10 pm in Mumbai, political activity has suddenly picked up. Things have suddenly increased at the official residence ‘Varsha’ of Chief Minister Eknath Shinde. Chief Minister Eknath Shinde arrived at ‘Varsha’ residence around 10:30 PM. Along with him, Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis, Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar also entered ‘Varsha’. The information has come to light that a meeting is going on between these three leaders at the residence of ‘Varsha’. Interestingly, this meeting has gained importance after discussions that Ajit Pawar is unhappy.

It is reported that discussions are going on in this meeting regarding Maratha reservation, OBC reservation, onion issue. Interestingly, Ajit Pawar did not go to Eknath Shinde’s ‘Varsha’ residence during Ganeshotsav to have a darshan of Ganpati Bappa. Due to this, there were discussions on social media that Ajit Pawar was upset. After that, Ajit Pawar, along with Devendra Fadnavis have entered Eknath Shinde’s ‘Varsha’ residence.

What exactly is wrong with ‘Varsha’?

An ultimatum is being given regarding Maratha reservation. On the other hand, the OBC leaders are agitating that the Marathas should not be given Kunbi reservation. Dhangar community is also protesting on the issue of reservation. While all these developments are going on, the issue of onion producers and traders has also come to the fore. Therefore, sources are getting information that these issues are being discussed in this meeting of the Chief Minister and both the Deputy Chief Ministers.

The expansion of the state cabinet has also been stalled since last year. MLAs of the ruling party are paying attention to this cabinet expansion. Many MLAs are eagerly waiting for cabinet expansion. But still not expanded yet. There was talk that the Cabinet would be expanded before the monsoon session of the Legislative Council. But the sources informed that the expansion of the cabinet will be announced after the expansion as it will cause displeasure of the MLAs. But even after that the cabinet was not expanded. Therefore, at today’s meeting, is there a decision regarding the expansion of the cabinet? It will be important to see.

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