Storm Rada at Asian Games; Match between India and Iran suspended

India has also won a gold medal in men’s kabaddi at the Asian Games. India defeated Iran 33-29 in the final to win the gold medal. Meanwhile, in this match, the situation was heated as both the teams clashed at the last minute. The atmosphere was heated as the players of both the teams came face to face. After this the match was stopped for more than half an hour. In the meantime, efforts were made to understand the players of both sides. But finally the marks were distributed according to the criteria. After this both sides raided and India won the match. Indian men’s kabaddi team has won the gold medal after 4 years.

What exactly was the dispute?



In the final Kabaddi match between India and Iran, the players clashed with each other. In a do-or-die situation, Pawan Sehrawat raided and a controversy erupted. India claimed that captain Pawan Sehrawat went into the lobby without touching the Iranian defender. Iranian players also went to the lobby with him. So India was claiming 4 points. The game was stopped due to this reason.

It halted play for about half an hour after India and Iran argued over points. After an argument between the two players, the referee was trying to calm down both sides. But no one is willing to listen. When the referee gave the decision in favor of Iran, the Indian players sat down on the mat in protest. When the decision was reversed, Iranian players started protesting. So it was decided to stop the match till further orders.

After this, according to the rules, 4 points were given to India and 1 point to Iran. After this the score was 32-29. After this, when raids were thrown from both sides, India defeated Iran 33-29 in the final match and carved their name on the gold medal.

India won 104 medals

India has created history in the Asian Games. India’s medal tally has reached 104 after winning gold medals in Kabaddi and Cricket. So far India has won 28 gold, 35 silver and 41 bronze medals.

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