Stock Market Broker Mukul Agrawal’s Wife Asha Mukul Agrawal Buys 3 Luxury Flats Worth 263 Crore In Mumbai; 3 apartments, Rs 263 crore and stamp duty of Rs 13.14 crore… Woman buys expensive flat

Mumbai : Everyone wants to have their own house in and around Mumbai. But property prices in the country have skyrocketed after the Covid pandemic, making it expensive to buy a house in many cities across the country, including Delhi. Recently Asha Mukul Aggarwal, director of Param Capital Research Pvt Ltd, made a big investment and bought three flats in South Mumbai’s Lodha Group’s luxury project ‘Lodha Malabar’ worth Rs 263 crore.

Buying an expensive house in Mumbai
While a stamp duty of Rs 13 crore has been paid for the registration of all the three houses, the three apartments are part of Lodha Malabar, a super luxury residential tower being developed by Macrotech Developers Limited. Macrotech Developers Limited is known as Lodha Group. Interestingly, India’s most expensive house was bought in Lodha Tower a few days ago. JP Tapadia, the founder of Fami Care, a company that manufactures contraceptive products, bought a luxury triplex apartment for Rs 369 crore. Hakka house near Mumbai, opportunity to buy for just 9 lakhs; Mhada lottery, know everything
Most Expensive Home Buying Transactions in India
Before Tapadia, the country’s most expensive house was purchased by Neeraj Bajaj, chairman of Bajaj Auto. He had paid Rs 252.50 crore for a penthouse in Lodha Malabar. Malabar Hill is considered to be the most expensive area in Mumbai in terms of property and Lodha Malabar has the Arabian Sea on one side and the Hanging Gardens on the other.

Apart from JP Tapadia and Neeraj Bajaj, two apartments in Lodha Malabar were purchased by directors of Kandoi Fabrics Pvt Ltd for Rs 109 crore in June 2023. Similarly, Rajendra Barwale, director of Barwale Seeds Private Limited, bought an apartment for two families for Rs 122 crore in July.

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10 parking spaces with three flats
Asha bought two flats on the 25th floor of Lodha Malabar which are about 9,719 square feet, according to a Moneycontrol report. He paid stamp duty of Rs 6.63 crore as property registration besides around Rs 132.75 crore for two flats and five car parking lots. Also, Asha has paid Rs. 9,535 sq.ft. 130.24 crores, he has paid stamp duty of Rs.6511 crores to get this flat in his name and the transaction was registered on September 27.

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Who is Asha Mukul Agarwal?
Param Capital Research Private Limited is a leading capital market trading and investment firm. Asha Mukul Agarwal’s husband Mukul Agarwal is the founder of Param Capital and Director of Asha Param Capital Research Private Limited.

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