Special offering for Bappa, historical tradition of ganeshotsav of gawde family – historical tradition of ganeshotsav of gawde family

Different customs and traditions can be seen in Ganesh festival in Talkonkan. Madyachiwadi in Kudal taluka of Sindhudurg district has a historical tradition of Gawde families that has been going on for centuries. In this Gawde house, 52 families with 52 hearths come together and offer different kinds of offerings for 5 days of Ganeshotsav. At Madyachiwadi in Kudal taluka, the Gawde family has been celebrating a single Ganesha festival for hundreds of years, but if we consider the members of the 52 families, generally 1000 to 1500 Gawde are celebrated. People of the family living outside the village like Mumbai etc. get together every year. And offerings are made to Ganapati Bappa every day.

Curated by Komal Acharekar|TimesXP Maharashtra|24 Sept 2023

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