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Sonu Nigam Speaks On Bonding With Anu Malik And Says AR Rahman


Sonu Nigam Speaks On Bonding With Anu Malik And Says AR Rahman : The name craze of AR Rahman, the Indian composer and singer who won the first Oscar in music, is something else. The number of youth who follow him is huge. He has a fan base not only in India but also across the world. In this way, the news of criticism against him has come into discussion.

Sonu Nigam is a famous singer. He is known for his unique style of singing. In an interview, he made a snide comment on Rahman. This time he commented on a song composed by Rahman and asked him why Rahman would have composed that song in this way. Many did not like Sonu’s criticism of Rahman.

Rahman and Anu Malik are known for their distinct style of composing. Both are big musicians in the Bollywood industry and Sonu’s statement on both of them has been discussed. Sonu called Rahman’s song useless. On the other hand, some revelations have been made about his friendship with Anu Malik. Speaking on FM station, Sonu has said that Rahman has criticized Rahman from the movie Blue.

Sonu says that the song Chigi Weegi from the movie Blue was composed by Rahman. It was pretty useless. Even though the song was very popular at that time, it was not very catchy. I didn’t like that song at all. At that time, he also made a mistake in choosing the international pop icon for the song. Sonu Says I also sang this song.

After this, while talking to Bollywood Hungam, Sonu Nigam said that when I met Anu Malik for the first time, I was very scared of him. I was new then. Anu Malik had a lot of experience. And that scared them. I was 14 years old then. My father took me to Anu Malik.

I learned a lot from Anu Malik. He is my guru in this field. I will not forget this. Their nature is slightly different. Once you communicate well with them, then they start talking to you nicely. Sonu also told this memory on this occasion.

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