Solapur Ganesh Mandal Begging Box For Sachin Tendulkar Mla Bachchu Kadu On Online Gaming Junglee Rummy Advertise Marathi News

Solapur: Sachin Tendulkar ( Sachin Tendulkar) has placed a beggar box in front of the Ganapati Mandal in Akolekati village of Solapur against its advertisement of Junglee Rummy. President of Prahar Party, MLA Bachu Kadu (Bachchu Kadu) visited this mandal and worshiped Ganaraya. Then he criticized Sachin Tendulkar by putting Rs 100 in this box himself. Such beggar boxes will be placed in as many Ganesh Mandals as there are Prahar Sangathan thoughts in Maharashtra. At this time, MLA Bachchu Kadu also warned that the collected money would be delivered to Tendulkar’s house after the disposal.

Meanwhile, in the village of Akolekati in North Solapur taluka, Muslim brothers have come together and established a Ganpati Mandal. The Puja of Ganaraya in Yaar Mandal, which conveys the message of social unity, was performed by Bachu Kadu, MLA of Prahar Sangathan. On the one hand there was an atmosphere of riot in the state, but in such a situation the Muslim brothers of the village Akolekati took the initiative to establish the Ganapati Mandal. It is a very brave and appreciative work.

Meanwhile, the population of our village is five thousand. But we have all lived with Gunya Govinda. Villagers expressed their happiness that this year for the first time we are doing Ganeshotsav through Muslim Yuva Ganesh Mandal.

Bachu Kadu opposes Sachin Tendulkar’s jungle rummy ad

After Sachin Tendulkar promoted Jungle Rummy online gaming, MLA Bachu Kadu has opposed it. Against that, he had also protested outside Sachin Tendulkar’s house in Mumbai. Advertisements of online gaming are having a serious impact on the future generation. There are many examples. Online gaming has led to suicides and murders. Therefore, Bachchu Kadu had earlier commented that it is not befitting of Sachin Tendulkar to announce such a thing despite being a Bharat Ratna. We are proud of him as a cricketer, but if he is making such announcements as a Bharat Ratna, it is not acceptable, said Bachu Kadu.

Don’t fall for online gaming ads; Bachu Kadu’s appeal to the youth

Anyone can advertise online gaming, but we should stay away from such advertisements. It is the poor, middle-class society that has been driven away by this gaming. Many states have banned such gaming. Likewise, we are also going to request the Chief Minister to ban such gaming in our state. Also, we appeal to the youth, stay away from online gaming, don’t fall prey to such advertisements”, Bachu Kadu has also appealed.

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