“…So Sharad Pawar is the father of BJP”, Rohit Pawar’s attack; Said, “That’s a political ploy…” | Rohit Pawar says Sharad Pawar is father of BJP in Politics

Bharatiya Janata Party leaders are constantly criticizing NCP President Sharad Pawar. At the same time, the leaders of the splinter group of NCP i.e. Ajit Pawar’s group are also openly targeting Sharad Pawar. Various political accusations are being made against Sharad Pawar. It is seen that MLA Rohit Pawar is contesting from NCP party. MLA Rohit Pawar targeted BJP leaders who criticized Sharad Pawar in a press conference some time ago. Also, Rohit Pawar has made a statement that BJP is responsible for the split of Sharad Pawar’s family and the Nationalist Party.

Rohit Pawar said, Sharad Pawar did not accept BJP’s political game. The BJP split the Shiv Sena’s Sindh faction, after which the party split into two factions. A group of Eknath Shinde and Uddhav Thackeray A group was formed. These two groups started talking and criticizing each other to the lowest level. At the same time BJP The leader, however, was sitting in a comfortable AC room watching the whole spectacle. But Sharad Pawar has 60 years of political experience.

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Nationalist MLA Rohit Pawar said, Sharad Pawar has great political experience. If they (BJP) are playing such tricks in front of Sharad Pawar, Sharad Pawar is the father of BJP from a political point of view. At present the situation is that Sharad Pawar knows very well what BJP wants. Sharad Pawar is not giving BJP what they want, so they are in trouble. BJP is responsible for breaking the family. BJP is responsible for breaking the party. So what to talk about BJP?

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