Singers Mugdha-Prathamesh Education: Apart from singing, Mugdha-Prathamesh is also brilliant in studies, so much education has been done.

Mugdha-Prathamesh Education: When Mugdha and Prathamesh brought their relationship to the fore, their fans got curious. So Prathamesh and Mugdha organized a special question and answer session for their fans. By posting a video on the YouTube channel, he answered the questions in the minds of his fans. At that time, both gave this information about their education. (Photo Courtesy: Prathamesh Laghate and Mugdha Vaishampayan Instagram)

Prathamesh Laghate is one of the leading singers of today’s young generation. The audience has been watching him since ‘Sa Re G M P Little Champs’. His singing has always been highly appreciated. Along with singing, he is also ahead in education.

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Prathamesh completed his schooling from Makhajan English School, Sangameshwar. He then graduated from Mumbai University with a degree in Marathi Literature and History. Along with this, Prathamesh has done MA in Music from Bharti University, Pune.

On the other hand, Mugdha, who is known as the Little Monitor in L’IL Champs, is in Alibaug’s Ko. A. He has completed his schooling from So School. After that, she graduated from Ruparel College, Mumbai in B.Sc in Statistics. Additionally, Mugdha Vaishampayan holds an MA in Music from Mumbai University. A few months ago, Mugdha’s master’s degree was declared and she has also received a gold medal in it.

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