Silk Smitha Half Bitten Apple Reportedly Sold In Auction For 1 Lakh Rupees; Talk about silk smile! The actress’ half-eaten apple was stolen; This is the price that the fan got at the auction

Mumbai: Popular actress Silk Smitha needs no separate introduction. Silk Smitha was back in the limelight after the release of the movie ‘The Dirty Picture’ directed by Milan Luthria and starring Vidya Balan. This movie released in 2011 is still popular today. Even today Vidya’s performance in this movie and Silk’s real life are discussed. Vijayalakshmi aka Silk Smita passed away on 23rd September 1996. But interesting stories about him are still discussed.

Silk was born on 2 September 1960. She lived in a small village in Andhra Pradesh. The economic condition of their families was very poor, the entire children of the actress were left in poverty. Meanwhile, the family of the actress got her married at a young age. But it is said that Silk fled from there due to the persecution of his father-in-law. After that, he entered the film industry to earn money. Silk started out as a makeup artist. After this he started getting small roles. He has acted in nearly 450 films in a career spanning 17 years.

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Interesting story

An anecdote that happened in their case is very interesting. According to media reports, Silk Smitha’s half-eaten apple was once auctioned. It is also said that the apple fetched a price of 1 lakh rupees. It happened that the actress was eating an apple while shooting on the sets. But when the director called for a shot, he took a bite of the apple and kept it aside. Then a person present on the set saw Silk’s half-eaten apple and ran away with it.
Apple theft and auction

Some media reports claimed that the man sold the stolen apple for Rs. In some places it is claimed that it was sold for 200 rupees. But some reports also make astonishing claims that the apples were sold for Rs 26,000 or Rs 1 lakh. None of this information has ever been confirmed, but Silk’s story is often discussed.

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Silk Smita was born as Vijayalakshmi Vadlapati. Meanwhile, his character Silk in his first film ‘Vandichakkaram’ gained immense popularity. That’s why later she changed her name from Vijayalakshmi to her screen name ‘Silk Smita’.

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