Shiv Sena UBT Activists Gherao To Agriculture Minister Dhananjay Munde While Traveling To Latur Airport From Parli Beed

Latur: Protesters have turned aggressive for the soybean research center in Latur. Shiv Sainiks intercepted Dhananjay Munde’s convoy carrying sick mother to Latur from Parli. At this time the activists only gave a statement without showing slogans and black flags. Agriculture Minister Dhananjay Munde assured that he will hold a meeting in Mumbai soon and take a decision.

The proposed Soybean Research Center at Latur and Devani Cattle Conservation Center were decided to be located in Beed district. Shiv Sena’s Uddhav Thackeray group Congress in Latur and many other organizations opposed this decision in the cabinet meeting. Various agitations and hunger strikes have been going on for the past few days against this decision. As a part of it, Dhananjay Munde was also warned that he would not be allowed to roam around.

Today, Dhananjay Munde left for Latur Airport from Parli. He was on his way to Mumbai to treat his ailing mother. When their convoy reached Latur, the protestors blocked the convoy. Considering their situation, there was no display of black flags or any sloganeering. A statement was given to Dhananjay Munde on this occasion. After discussing with Shiv Sena officials, they have promised to hold a meeting in Mumbai soon and take a proper decision in that meeting.

Farmers and party organizations in Latur have taken a stand over the shifting of the proposed Soybean and Devini Cattle Research Center from Latur district to Beed district. Protests were also expressed by keeping closed in many market committees of the district. Balaji Jadhav, District President of Hamal Mathadi Union sat on a hunger strike from Saturday, September 23, in front of the Agricultural Produce Market Committee in Latur. They have been supported by many organizations and parties. In the future, this movement is seen to be widespread. Jadhav has taken a stance that he will not withdraw his hunger strike until the decision on the documentation research center is taken.

Latur is famous in the country for Devani beef and soybeans

Soybean Research Center and Devani Lal Kandhari Cattle Research Center, which were discussed for the past several years, have been moved to Bidla instead of Latur. Latur is famous in the country for Devani cattle and soybeans. Meanwhile, priority has been given to Beed instead of Latur. This caused a strong reaction in Latur. The Agriculture Produce Market Committee has protested this decision by shutting down for a day. Also, the Shiv Sena Thackeray group had announced that they would not allow Agriculture Minister Dhananjay Munde to travel in the district. Congress also supported it.

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