Share Wale Baba Viral Old Man Holds More Than 100 Crore Worth Units Of Several Companies

Viral Old Man Holds 100 Crore Shares : Many people Rich Dreaming to be. For this people choose various options, of investment (Investment) also looks at various options. Some people in this Share Market Dream of investing. Some people want to become rich and drive around in a big car and improve their living conditions. But, some people don’t give up their simple lifestyle despite having a lot of money. Currently one such person is in discussion. A grandfather named ‘Sharewale Baba’ is going viral on social media. It is claimed that this grandfather has shares worth Rs 100 crore.

100 crore shares with ‘this’ grandfather

A very ordinary person is seen in the video which is going viral on social media. The video of this very ordinary looking old man has gone viral. The reason for this is that he is claimed to have crores of shares. Importantly, seeing the simplicity of this grandfather, you will not even think that he has crores of shares.

Claiming to have shares of these companies

A user named Rajiv Mehta has posted a video on social media X (X). In this video, a person is saying that he has stocks worth more than 100 crores. The grandfather claimed that he owns L&T shares worth Rs 80 crore, Ultratech Cement shares worth Rs 21 crore and Karnataka Bank shares worth Rs 1 crore. If, this claim is to be believed, the grandfather who is seen in this simple half shorts is said to own shares worth Rs 102 crore.

Watch the viral video:

According to ‘this’ calculation, grandfather is a millionaire

However, many people do not agree with this claim. Deepak Shenoy, founder and CEO of Capital Mind, has explained this while commenting on this post. According to Deepak Shenoy, this grandfather owns 27 thousand shares of L&T, worth around Rs 8 crore. Also, the shares of Ultratech Cement that they hold are worth around Rs 3.2 crore, while the shares of Karnataka Bank are worth around Rs 10 lakh. According to this, the total value of all these shares is more than 11 crore rupees.

Earning millions from dividends alone

Meanwhile, if the claims made in the video are true, this grandfather has wealth worth crores. Therefore, users are calling him ‘Sharewale Baba’ on social media. A user also explained the math of earning from dividends. The user calculated by the number of shares and said he would earn millions from dividends alone.

The ‘best’ way to profit from the stock market

ABP does not confirm that the claims made in the video are true. But, one of the real factors of profiting from investing in the stock market is that you buy good stocks and hold your investment for a long time. This will give you a chance to earn more profit. This is what the experts say.

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