“Sharad Pawar’s ‘that’ statement made Devendra Fadnavis wary and…”, Chhagan Bhujbal’s secret blast | Devendra Fadnavis was alerted by Sharad Pawar that statement said Minister Chhagan Bhujbal

Sharad Pawar had discussed with BJP eight times. It was decided to go with them. It happened in 2014. But after Sharad Pawar made a statement and saying that Devendra Fadnavis became cautious, Minister Chhagan Bhujbal has told what happened in 2014 to 2019, then 2022, 2023.

What did Chhagan Bhujbal say?

When the elections came in 2014, the BJP broke its alliance with the Shiv Sena. But he sent a message to Sharad Pawar that we are leaving Shiv Sena, you leave Congress. After which we left Congress without any reason. All the parties fought separately in the 2014 assembly elections. At that time (2014) it was decided that BJP would run the government for a few days and NCP would run the government Chhagan Bhujbal said that the party will join the government. We were with Sharad Pawar even on the day before the counting of votes. It was said that if it falls short, support should be given from outside. Sharad Pawar received a call on the day of counting of votes saying that now you should come out and say that we support you. Then in 2014, Praful Patel announced that we are supporting the government. Eknath Shinde Then (2014) he became the Leader of the Opposition.

Sharad Pawar’s statement and Fadnavis were cautious

A meeting was held at Alibaug after a few days. In it, Sharad Pawar directly announced that BJP should not assume our support forever. I am Ajit Pawar. Praful Patel, Jayant Patil all met Sharad Pawar. Then we asked him that why did you say that, Sharad Pawar had no answer. But his statement made Devendra Fadnavis cautious. After that, they realized that there is a problem. He promptly took Eknath Shinde along with the Shiv Sena and gave them ministerial posts etc. A meeting was also held in 2017. How many ministers at that time, which accounts? In the next election, allotment of seats, seats of MPs have been decided. After that Sharad Pawar said that we are coming with you but leave Shiv Sena. BJP rejected him. Chhagan Bhujbal also said that the talks failed because of that. Left Congress in 2014, put Shiv Sena out of power for a few days. Discussed in 2017 and told to remove Shiv Sena from the government. All this was done by Sharad Pawar.

It was decided to go with BJP in 2019 as well

The election was held in 2019. Everything was settled again. Sharad Pawar’s idea of ​​President’s rule was Devendra Fadnavis’s. Sharad Pawar knew everything that happened in 2019. It was decided that BJP and NCP would form the government. Hence, BJP left the support of Shiv Sena. At that time should have gone with BJP. But Sharad Pawar backed down even then. At that time, Sharad Pawar met the Prime Minister and said that he would not be able to support me. After that, when Eknath Shinde went with BJP, there was a discussion even before that.

It was decided to go with BJP even when there was Mahavikas Aghadi

Even when there was a Mahavikas Aghadi, there was a discussion with the BJP. Sharad Pawar, Jayant Patil, Praful Patel, Ajit Pawar were all discussing. 54 MLAs had also signed to go with BJP. Even after that, Sharad Pawar said it will not be enough, if you want to go, go. When all these events happened, there was a discussion in the house (of Sharad Pawar). Ajit Pawar must know that. Sharad Pawar to resign at Yashwantrao Chavan Centre, after which Supriya Sule will become the President. It was decided that we will join BJP with Supriya Sule. I also had no idea that he would resign. All this discussion took place in their house. Ajit Pawar and Praful Patel would know. I asked Supriya Sule at that time that you did not say anything about resignation. So she said Ajit Pawar knew. He also told me that the discussion was going on for fifteen days. I was not in those discussions. All this has been told by Chhagan Bhujbal in an interview given to TV 9 Marathi.

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