“Sharad Pawar didn’t want to resign”, Supriya Sule’s blast; Telling the sequence of events behind the scenes, she said… | Supriya Sule says Sharad Pawar never wanted to resign from NCP president post

NCP president Sharad Pawar’s resignation in May was the subject of much discussion at the time of the release of the new edition of his autobiography ‘Lok Maje Sangati’. I am resigning from the post of party president and will no longer accept any responsibility. Saying that new people should be given a chance, Sharad Pawar announced that he was resigning from the post of party president at a program at Yashwantrao Chavan Pratishthan in Mumbai. But this decision of Sharad Pawar was strongly opposed by all party leaders, office bearers and workers except Ajit Pawar. As a result, Sharad Pawar withdrew his resignation after three days. Reactions of different leaders in NCP Congress are coming from time to time on this resignation drama. Meanwhile, Chhagan Bhujbal, a senior leader of the party and who joined Ajit Pawar’s group after rebelling against Sharad Pawar, commented on this resignation drama on Wednesday (October 11).

Sharad Pawar’s resignation did not happen directly. Chhagan Bhujbal has informed that this matter was discussed 15 days ago. In an interview given to the news channel TV9 Marathi, Bhujbal told different things about the resignation drama. Bhujbal said, “There was a discussion in Sharad Pawar’s house 15 days before what happened in May. Ajit Pawar must know that discussion. It was decided that Sharad Pawar should resign. Yashwantrao Chavan Center to hold a program, followed by MP Supriya Sule They want to make him the party president and then we will go with BJP. That is why he suddenly resigned. Sharad Pawar I also had no idea of ​​resigning.”

MP Supriya Sule has now explained this. MP Sule interacted with the media some time ago. At that time she said, Sharad Pawar had resigned, he did not want to give it to her. But, all these (currently Ajit Pawar Sharad Pawar was hurt by his insistence that he should go with the BJP. He resigned because he was hurt. He had absolutely no desire to resign. You may think it’s drama but for us it was reality.

Supriya Sule said, after Sharad Pawar resigned, the people of Maharashtra, media, party workers, party colleagues all requested Sharad Pawar. Everyone said to Pawar, you have to take this responsibility and at the same time Chhagan Bhujbal said, Committee etc. will not work, you have to take this responsibility. Bhujbal urged Sharad Pawar that you should remain the President.

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MP Sule said, here I see another contradiction between Chhagan Bhujbals. On one side they say that Sharad Pawar made us wait, on the other side they say Sharad Pawar was discussing with BJP, sometimes they say Sharad Pawar was acting like a dictator, dominating the party. But, if he was acting like a dictator, he would not have set up a committee to select the party president.

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