Sharad Pawar attacks Narendra Modi over Woman Reservation in press conference – Sakal (Morning)

  1. Sharad Pawar held a press conference, attacked Narendra Modi on Woman ReservationSakal (Morning)
  2. “Prime Minister Modi’s ‘That’ Statement Is Painful”, Sharad Pawar’s Clear Stand; Evidence of the events of 1993 was given!Loksatta
  3. Women reservation and PM Modi, Pawar made history Sharad Pawar On Women ReservationSarkarnama
  4. Mumbai Sharad Pawar News | What did Prime Minister Narendra Modi Sharad Pawar say about women’s reservation? | SAAM TVSaam TV News
  5. ..Until then women’s reservation will not be implemented in the country; Karnataka Chief Minister’s big claim criticizing Modi I CMSakal
  6. See the full story on Google News

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