Shah Rukh Khan: ‘Virat Kohli is our son-in-law’! Why did King Khan say that? | Bollywood News Virat Kohli

Shah Rukh Khan comments on Virat Kohli Jawan Movie


Shah Rukh Khan comments on Virat Kohli Jawan Movie : Bollywood’s King Khan Shah Rukh is currently in the limelight due to his movie named Jawan. South director Atlee’s film has earned more than seven hundred crores so far. Shahrukh’s film Pathan was released in the same year. He was also taken on the head by the audience. )

Shah Rukh interacts with his fans through his special activity Ask Me Anything. At this time, the fans ask him the questions in their mind without hesitation. King Khan can be seen answering him openly. Even now, a different discussion has arisen based on the answer he gave to a question. Shahrukh has also commented on Tiger 3 this time.

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Shah Rukh Khan has informed his fans about his upcoming film called Donkey. In it he says, I am very excited for this film. This is a project with Rajkumar Hirani. I have been waiting for this project for many years. On this occasion, he has told about that thing in Jawan. Also, his comment on Virat Kohli has also come into discussion.

A fan asked Shah Rukh a question about Virat Kohli. That fan says, SRK you talk about this once, at which Shahrukh says, I love you Virat Kohli. It has always been my favourite. He’s like me. King Khan has expressed his feelings in such words.

Shahrukh also told the wonderful story of that time of the song in Jawan. He said I was Vikram Rathod during the song Not Ramaiyya. But the mustache was left to apply. But when I was reminded about it, I realized it. Shahrukh has shared such an amazing memory with his fans.

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