sdm jyoti maurya and alok kumar maurya agreement withdraws complaint

SDM Jyoti Maurya Case: The case of Jyoti Maurya and Alok Maurya (SDM Jyoti Maurya) in Uttar Pradesh became famous all over the country. Alok Maurya taught his wife by paying off the loan, but Jyoti Maurya left her husband when she got a high-ranking government job. After becoming an officer, in 2020, Jyothi met a man named Manish Dubey. Manish is the Home Guard Commandant. Alok had caught both Jyoti and Manish red-handed. But Jyoti accused Alok the opposite. Alleged that in-laws are harassing for dowry. A case was also registered. This case was well known on social media.



Jyoti-Alok will come together?
The Jyoti and Alok case has been going on for several months and the court is also hearing about it. But now there is a possibility of reconciliation between Jyoti Morya and Alok Kumar Maurya. While Jyoti Maurya has taken the role of Samjajasa, Alok Kumar Maurya is also calm. The petition filed by Jyoti Maurya was to be heard in the court on September 22. But this hearing was postponed. Now the date of 26 October has been given. Alok has also withdrawn the allegations of corruption against Jyoti.

The hearing of the dispute between Jyoti Morya and Alok Maurya is going on in the Family Court of Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh. After the fight between these two went viral across the country, now there is a possibility that the two will come together. Alok himself has said that he is withdrawing the allegations against Jyoti Maurya. Although Alok has not yet said that there is an understanding between the two, he has said that there is a positive role.

What is the Jyoti Maurya case?
In 2010, a girl named Jyoti got married to Alok. She wanted to continue her further education after marriage. Alok, a cleaning worker, taught Jyoti from his earnings to fulfill this desire of Jyoti. She also got admission in a good coaching center. After completing her education, she got a high-ranking government job. But as soon as he became an officer, Jyoti accused her in-laws of harassing her for dowry and separated from Alok.

Alok had alleged that Jyoti was having an extramarital affair and that my life was in danger from her. Also Alok Morya’s WhatsApp chat with Jyoti went viral. Talking about this, there has been tension in our relationship since Jyoti passed away. My relationship with my husband is very difficult. I had already filed for divorce. I am fighting for divorce legally. Apart from this, Jyoti Maurya explained that I don’t have anything anywhere.

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