Satara Rain Update 12 TMC Of Water Still Needed To Fill Koyna Dam; Other Dams In Satara District Also Have Low Water Storage

Satara: Rains have made a widespread presence in the entire Maharashtra including western Maharashtra. Due to this, the water level of dams along with rivers is increasing. in Satara District (Satara Rain Update) It has been raining heavily for the past three days. So Koyna (Koyna Dam Water Level) The water storage of the dam has increased. However, 12 TMC of water is still required to fill the Koyna dam. Meanwhile, now that the return rains are coming, depending on how much the return rains are supporting, will the Koyna Dam be 100 percent full in the current season or not? There is doubt about this.

The situation is alarming as water reserves are very low

93 TMC of water has been stored in Koyna Dam as of today. The water storage capacity of Koyna Dam is 105 TMC. On the other hand, in Satara district, it is raining in both eastern and western parts. While the Koyna dam is waiting, the situation is alarming as the water storage in other dams in Satara district is also very low. As the expected rainfall did not occur in the beginning of the season in Satara district, overall the dams are not full. There are big dams like Dhom, Balkawadi, Kanher, Urmodi Tarli in Satara district. Therefore, heavy rain is still expected. Most of the dams do not have the expected water storage. Therefore, the situation in Satara district is alarming.

Signs of water shortage this year

In the last week of June, the rains were heavy in Satara district. After that, till the middle of July, the district received heavy rains. Then in the month of August, the rains hit hard. Even in the month of September, there was no heavy rainfall. So there are signs of water shortage this year. There has been no rain in Satara district. Therefore, if the return rains also dry up, the situation will be challenging from the beginning of the new year. Water supply by tankers has been started from now in the drought prone areas of Satara district.

On the other hand, due to ‘El Nino’ ​​(El Nino weather pattern), the month of August was the driest for most of the century. Rainfall across the country during June to September was 94 percent of the average. Which is the lowest since 2018, the India Meteorological Department (IMD) said in a statement. The IMD had expected a rainfall deficit of 4 per cent for the season, assuming a limited impact of El Nino. The country is expected to receive normal rainfall from October to December.

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