Sakhi Gokhale and Subrat Joshi

Sakhi Gokhale and Suvrat Joshi are hotly debated on social media. They worked together in the 2015 serial ‘Dil Dosti Duniyadari’.

A loud discussion of the affair

After that, their affair was also discussed loudly. The serial ‘Dil Dosti Dobara’ came in the year 2017 which failed to gain much popularity among the audience.

Marriage in 2019

Then they got married in 2019. Their marriage was also heavily discussed. Their wedding photos were also very viral.

Disclosure of relationship

Currently, Subrat Joshi has disclosed about his and Sakhi’s relationship. This time he disclosed this in an interview given to ‘Lokmat Filmi’.

When you buy something, you…

He said, “When buying a thing, we test whether it is good or not.” “Marriage is a big decision.”

There is love but…

“You love someone but you can’t have a relationship with that person,” he further explained.

If love isn’t enough

He added, “Often love is not enough to stay together. You need companionship…”

So must see

And during that association many of our habits have to change. So it is necessary to stay in the live in and see.” He said so.

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