Sai Paranjpe as director again; Dussehra time of new play sai paranjpye to direct new play based on black comedy

Pune : Sai Paranjape, who has worked extensively in children’s theater and directed the play ‘Sakhkhe Neighbor’, is once again coming in front of the fans in the role of a director. A new play written by him is coming up on Dussehra and Mangesh Kadam and Leena Bhagwat are playing the lead roles in it. Sai Paranjpe, who has crossed the age of 85, said on Saturday that this play, which is the story of a couple in their eighties, is a ‘black comedy’.

On the 51st anniversary of Mumbai Doordarshan (DD-Sahyadri), the autobiography of Sai Paranjape, one of Doordarshan’s first program producers, ‘Sai’ is now telecasting in 26 episodes on Doordarshan’s Sahyadri channel from October 15. This information was given in the presence of Sai Paranjape. On this occasion, Paranjape announced that he is directing the play while interacting freely with the journalists.

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Although I am known as a director, I am originally a writer. Much of my writing is still unpublished. He has written many screenplays and plays. Therefore, the writings which have not yet been published are coming before the lovers through the theater code. At present, the name of this play has been kept as ‘Ivalese Rope’. Maybe that will change. I am directing the play I have written. Sai Paranjape expressed the feeling that no matter how much work is done in different mediums, the fun of theater is something else.

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I love writing. But, I cannot write alone. I have at least five-six drafts of each piece of writing. I have received his punishment and my right hand is almost useless. Saying that my hand works only for signing, Sai Paranjpe made a funny remark that ‘my signature is different on every bill in the bank’.

Children must have good entertainment. So I don’t like to give a dose of preaching from every piece of art. Who am I to teach wisdom to the people? It is created to make the fans happy through their artwork. Why hammer on their heads? Paranjape clearly said that. Being a female director helped us while filming in villages and huts. This was a definite benefit. Government offices work quickly. I definitely took advantage of it. But, he maintained the principle throughout his life that he should not dominate as a director where he has no mastery.

I don’t have a rightful roof in Pune. But, Pune This is definitely my rightful city. My rightful home is in the heart of every friend. – Sai Paranjape, Senior Director

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