Sai Lokur: ‘Relax, don’t over-enthusiasm’, Sai warned (Video)

Puddaari Online Desk: Actress Sai Lokur is currently enjoying her maternity period. Sai became very popular from the first season of ‘Bigg Boss Marathi’. She keeps sharing her pregnancy updates on social media for her fans. (Sai Lokur) Now Sai has uploaded her photos and videos on Instagram. But, a netizen commented on a video that it is being discussed. (Sai Lokur)

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In 2020, Sai got married to Tirthdeep Roy. She had shared the sweet news of her pregnancy on social media. After that she keeps sharing social media updates about celebrations, events during maternity period. She recently made a video on a song. Danced with Baby Bump to Kareena Kapoor’s Andekhi Anjaani. She also shared a video of it. Many fans also worried about her by commenting on the video. Apart from this, comments were also seen that Junior is looking forward to the baby. Meanwhile, Sai has expressed his anger after the comments made by a netizen.

A netizen said in a comment that- “Hey you don’t like this…take it easy, don’t get too excited”. To this Sai said, “I always do what I think is right. Don’t watch if you don’t like it. I am trying to keep my coming baby happy. So what do you like and dislike? It doesn’t matter to me.”

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