‘Riot’ in a LIVE cricket match, some raised bats, some stumped, heroines cried profusely; Watch the video

Bangladesh Celebrity Cricket League : Many have played cricket in their childhood, ‘whoever bats, who bats’ is the rule in every lane. If the umpire is yours, there is no holiday. Everyone must have experienced this type of batting till their heart’s content and when they got bored, they would leave with a smooth bat. Even today many decisions are wrongly given in cricket. Disputes are also ignited from it, disputes go to extremes and fines are also given. However, what you are about to see has never happened in the world of sports. A shocking information has come out from Bangladesh (Celebrity Cricket League). A fight video has come to light in the Bangladesh Celebrity Cricket League. So now it seems that there is a storm of discussion.



A shocking incident has come to light in the Bangladesh Cricket League. Like India, Celebrity Cricket League is also played in Bangladesh. It has been seen that celebrities have clashed in this league. Due to this, 6 people have to be admitted to the hospital. After this clash, the league itself had to be canceled before the semi-finals. All this rage happened because of a decision of the umpire…

What exactly happened?

The match was being played in two teams of Mustafa Kamal Raj and Deepankar Deepon. The players protested that a four was not awarded during the match. At that time, an argument started between the players. The verbal dispute gradually escalated into a brawl and the live match witnessed a live riot. It is seen in the video that someone came to beat with a bat and someone came with a stump. The injured have been identified as Shishir Sardar, Raj Ripa, Joy Chaudhary, Atiq Rahman, Sheikh Shubho and Ashiq Zahid.

Meanwhile, Raj Ripa has said that Mustafa Kamal Raj will be responsible if anything happens to my career and has also accused his team of throwing water bottles at her. The actress has also been seen crying during live matches. The Bangladesh Cricket League, which makes such a fuss over a four, has now become a laughing stock.

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