Richmond substitute teacher slams student in viral video, sparks online debate

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A Richmond High School teacher is brutally beaten online after throwing a student to the floor and pushing him out of the classroom. The educator is no longer employed by the institution. The incident is currently under investigation by the West Contra Costa Unified School District.

On Monday, January 23, a video was made of the argument. In the viral footage, the teacher at the Richmond school can be heard yelling into the child’s face, “repeat it.” Some social media users claimed that the school employee resorted to extreme actions after the student called him the N word. After this, the duo got into a heated confrontation.

The Richmond High teacher could be seen holding back with his arms behind him. However, when the situation became tense as he and the student continued to bicker, the Richmond High School teacher suddenly grabbed the teen by his clothes and forcefully shoved him to the floor. Classmates could be heard gasping in shock and trying to get away from the situation. The teacher then grabbed the student again and pushed him down the hall. The teacher then says:

“Get the f**k out of my class.”

At the time of writing, authorities had not confirmed that the student had made racial slurs against the Richmond High teacher. It has also not been confirmed whether the student suffered any injuries or disciplinary action.

The confrontation was captured from multiple angles and uploaded to social media as students pulled out their cell phones to document the shocking encounter at school.

In response to the viral video, a netizen said:

@LuisCam82062622 Teachers should be the enforcers especially if you have disrespectful kids. Some life lessons need to be learned early.

Netizens slam Richmond High School teacher online

Several netizens flooded the internet with comments condemning the teacher’s actions. Many noted that there were better ways to handle the situation. Several netizens gathered to rebuke the Richmond High School teacher for his actions. Other internet users wondered if the student’s parents had filed a complaint against the teacher for physically abusing the teen.

Some comments are:

@LuisCam82062622 Watching people justify the physical abuse of a minor child is sickening.

@LuisCam82062622 “Get out of my class” well sir I don’t think you’ll get any more!😂

@LuisCam82062622 Do you think this was right? The teacher aggravated it with physical violence. 90 days in jail, 3 years of probation, anger management and a hefty fine should suffice.

@LuisCam82062622 The constant “repeating” was his problem. He let anger get the better of him.

Students protest for dropping off teacher after an altercation

Lorenzo Morotti, a journalism teacher at the school, confirmed that the students staged a protest and walked out of class just before the fifth lesson. They carried flyers that said:

“We tried racial slurs. We’re fed up. The actions he took were not good, but neither were the actions of the child.

BREAKING: “We stop. You quit,” Kiraa Easter, director of Richmond High School BSU, said, starting a strike rally. Hundreds of students stand in solidarity against the use of racial slurs in response to a black substitute teacher attacking a Latino student for using racial slurs in class.

The Bay Area News Group obtained statements from the school’s black student union. They announced that the teacher and student would have to be removed from the establishment for their actions. They said:

“Even though the teacher has all eyes on him because he is an adult and should have handled things differently, in the end they were both disrespectful and one of them could have left. But… someone who is not black and says such a hateful word is wrong and should be held accountable for his actions. Not only the teacher must be removed, but also the student.

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The West Contra Costa Unified School District has since announced that the incident is under investigation. They also said that “the district took swift action” and that the teacher in question had been fired.

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