Reel star Pawan Vaghulkar banner in discussion during Ganesh Visarjan procession in Pune; Reel star Pawan Vaghulkar’s banner in discussion during Ganesh Visarjan procession in Pune

Pune: The excitement of Ganesh Visarjan has reached its peak in Pune since morning. Many citizens of the area come to see this Ganesh Visarjan procession. Banners with different messages are put up in this procession or Punekar citizens stand with their hands in their hands. A similar banner has been much discussed in this Ganesh festival procession as well. Reelstar Pawan Vaghulkar’s banner has gone viral on social media. A banner with the text “It’s Shri’s Procession, Don’t Dance Like You’re Homeless” is trending right now.
Bappa floated on the water, went to see and all three drowned one after the other, Vighna saying goodbye to Vighnaharti.
For the last ten days, the people of Pune have been serving Ganapati Bappa wholeheartedly. It was the day to say goodbye to Aja. Therefore, the enthusiasm of Pune residents could be seen in this year’s immersion procession. The citizens of Pune participated in the Ganesh procession from 10 am onwards. The procession of Lord Ganesha was also carried out with enthusiasm. During this procession, the Puneri banner attracted attention. Atharva Sudame from this Banner Realstar Pune also participated in the immersion procession of Guruji Talim Mandal. He was accompanied by Pawan Vaghulkar, Danny Pandit and other friends in the procession.

The enthusiasm of the devotees reached, the area was filled with slogans, the crowd of Pune people to watch the procession of Bappa!

On this occasion, Reelstar Pawan Vaghulkar also gave a message to the people of Pune in a special Puneri style with a Puneri board in his hand saying ‘This is the procession of Mr. Pawan and Atharva’s Puneri Pati caught the attention of many. Meanwhile, now all the five Ganeshas of Pune have been immersed and other Ganeshas are being immersed, but this Puneri banner has attracted everyone’s attention.

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