Raju Patil Vs Shrikant Shinde: Is there a ‘Nath’ at home? Raju Patil’s target ABP Majha – ABP MAJHA

  2. Raju Patil Vs Shrikant Shinde | MNS MLA Raju Patil and Srikant Shinde clashed stronglyZee 24 Taas
  3. Srikanth wrestles with Shinde, but befriends an army officer; MNS MLA Patal’s ‘smiling’ handshake in discussionMaharashtra Times
  4. Shrikant Shinde On Kalyan Loksabha seat | Srikant Shinde staked a claim on the Kalyan Lok Sabha seatZee 24 Taas
  5. “Due to the funds of the Chief Minister’s father, MP Shinde’s only…”, Raju Patil’s criticism of Shrikant Shinde, said “Because ‘Nath’ is at home…”Loksatta
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